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Journey to Wellness

Journey to Wellness

The therapists at the Center for Physical Health are dedicated to partnering with you on your journey to wellness, guiding and supporting you every step of the way.



Our Approach
to Your Care Is Unique

The Center for Physical Health offers highly effective physical therapy, complemented with a wide range of integrative healing techniques and dynamic rehabilitation exercise.

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Classes and Beyond

Ongoing support at the Center for Physical Health
helps you stay on the path to health.


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Visit our BLOG to see what our professionals have to say about getting out of pain, achieving your performance goals, calming your mind and healing your body. Become a part of our community to ask us questions and share your experiences.


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We get results when others have not.


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quotes leftI had to have surgery for an injury to my spine and then had a foot injury. The chiropractor was no help, but the Center turned me around. Physical Therapy, Pilates and Feldenkrais have brought enormous improvement. I've gone from pain and weakness to being pain-free, balanced and strong. The Center works!

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- Mark C., patient

quotes leftI'm always pleased when I refer patients to the Center for Physical Health, because their one-on-one approach consistently gets such good results.  I've been to the Center myself and experienced their work.  I'm even referring my mother for rehab for a knee injury.quotes right

- Mark Ganjianpour MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon

quotes leftThe Center for Physical Health is fantastic.  I trust my patients there because I know they'll get the very best care.  I even urge patients from far away to go to the Center because the results are well worth it.

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- Benjamin Nikravesh, DPM

quotes leftI can always count on the Center for Physical Health to help even the most refractory pain.  The combination of traditional physical therapy as well as Feldenkrais is extremely effective, and my patients respond very well.

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- Katrina Vlachos, MD

quotes leftSeveral of my patients who had given up hope of ever finding relief from their various musculoskeletal conditions have reported amazing results after switching to the Center for Physical Health.quotes right

- Rahnana Sachs MD, Internist

quotes leftI've been going to the Center for Physical Health for four years. Right from the start, I knew they were exceptional. The entire staff is dedicated to doing the very best they can...I always feel better after I've seen them. I don't think there's another place that has the same degree of caring and the sincere desire to help each patient.

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- Blanche M., patient